Webinar: How Robots Improve Quality in Aluminium Manufacturing

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Webinar: How Robots Improve Quality in Aluminium Manufacturing

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Automation expert Sohabe Richyal presents automation opportunities for aluminium manufacturers in this webinar from HowToRobot in collaboration with the Aluminium Federation.

On 7 February 2023, HowToRobot aired a new webinar in collaboration with the British Aluminium Federation for aluminium manufacturers in need of automation, including producers, extruders, and finishers.

The webinar addresses how robots and automation can help solve labour shortages in the aluminium industry and improve productivity and quality.

In the webinar, independent automation advisor Sohabe Richyal from Gain & Co presents insights into the most promising automation opportunities for aluminium manufacturers.



Watch the webinar to learn:

  • How robots improve quality in aluminium manufacturing
  • Key challenges with automation
  • Important questions to ask before automating
  • What it means to be “robot ready”, including a checklist to use
  • Top 5 most ripe automation opportunities for aluminium manufacturers, including
    • The expected cost of automating and approximate ROI period
  • 5 steps to automation success
Sohabe Richyal

Sohabe Richyal is a seasoned automation professional, helping businesses – from SMEs to Fortune 500 companies – take on automation. His background spans multiple industries including Robotics Research, Petrochemical, and Nuclear Energy. He has worked for the UK Atomic Energy Authority, where he developed, tested, and commissioned control systems and robotics hardware for applications in harsh environments such as nuclear reactors, deep sea, and outer space. Sohabe holds a master’s degree in both Petrochemical and Robotics Engineering.