Robot Business
16 June 2021

The Italian robot industry shows great growth potential

Italy's robot industry has a massive growth potential locally and internationally according to a new market report from Global robot trends favor Italian robotic companies because of t
Robot Business
26 April 2021

Digital platform launches first service to compare prices on robots

Businesses worldwide can now for the first time easily get offers and compare prices on products and services related to industrial robots. The new service from will make it easier and
Robot Business
03 February 2021

Robot buyers are flocking to during the Covid-crisis

The pandemic has caused a renewed interest in robotics according to Two suppliers on the platform, Gibotech and OnRobot, have felt the increasing demand from customers. PRESS RELEAS
Robot Business
11 December 2020

Digital platform wants to put a robot into every factory

Too many small- and medium-sized businesses risk losing out on the next big industry transformation, says Søren Peters, CEO of the world’s first digital robot hub, The hub aims to i
Robot Tech
09 December 2020

Will your cleaning robot end up in the pond?

More organizations look for automated cleaning and disinfection solutions to combat Covid-19. To make sure the investment pays off, they need a plan addressing the technical and organizational challen
Robot Business
04 December 2020

Danish companies looking for robots before Christmas

A larger number of Danish manufacturers are looking for new robot solutions through to automate their businesses. “The demand is increasing and provides a great opportunity for the ro
Robot Business
02 December 2020

Industry association supports robot transition of manufacturers through

Growing demand makes industry associations look for new ways to support manufacturers. From 2021, the Confederation of Danish Industry will use’s digital platform to help more compani
Robot Business
29 October 2020

Robotics and the Future of Production and Work

The use of robotics will increase productivity and has the potential to bring more manufacturing production work back to developed countries. As productivity increases, labor is likely to receive a si
Robot Business
07 August 2020

7 Proven Steps for Planning Automation Projects

Automation technology holds great potential for companies challenged by the increased global competition and demographic development. But how is this potential realized? Here are seven proven steps to
Robot Business
07 July 2020

#HowToRobot Launches ”Robot Expert In Your Pocket” For Manufacturers

The service connects manufacturers virtually with robot experts through a smartphone and shows the most valuable automation projects to focus on for the company. PRESS RELEASE: COVID-19 has caused
Robot Business
17 June 2020

The industrial Robot Types and Their Different Uses

Why read this: Understanding the basics of industrial robots can put manufacturers on stronger ground when dealing with suppliers. It will also help prepare them for a future with more industrial robo
Robot Business
11 June 2020

Automated Adhesive Dispensing Systems - Types & Applications

Why read this: Robots can increase the precision and efficiency of your gluing and dispensing processes. However, not all tasks are suited for automation, and manual handling can sometimes provide gre
Robot Business
28 May 2020

Could Robots Combat Crises like Covid-19?

Why read this: By reducing manual labour and optimizing production processes, automation might help combat crises like Covid-19. This optimization could  help bringing production closer to home a
Robot Tech
20 May 2020

Automating Your Processes Through Bin Picking – Here’s What to Look For

Why read this: Bin picking has been one of the most challenging processes in automation for years. While the technology can optimize your production in several ways, some tasks may still be too comple
Robot Tech
14 May 2020

Automated Screwdriving: The Pros and Cons – And How to Spot Automation Potential in Your Own Production

Why read this? Automating your screwdriving processes can increase productivity and product quality, but finding the space and preventing jamming can be a challenge. This article covers the pros and c
Robot Tech
06 May 2020

End of the Line: Effective Robot Types for Palletizing, Wrapping, and Labelling

Why read this: The processes of palletizing, pallet wrapping, and labelling make out the last steps of a production line for most packaging applications, regardless of the product type. Based on
Robot Tech
29 April 2020

Automated Warehouse Storage Systems - Types, Pros & Cons

Why read this: Automated storage systems can greatly optimize a warehouse, but they demand a lot of the existing surroundings. This article highlights the pros and cons, the different systems –
Robot Tech
22 April 2020

Robotic Machine Tending - Advantages and Disadvantages

Why read this: Machine tending can increase productivity and improve the working environment. However, demanding safety regulations and expensive vision systems might make investments in the popular a
Robot Business
15 April 2020

Where Should I Buy My Robot? - Why Market Research Matters

Why read this: When looking to buy a robot, investing some time in searching for the right supplier typically gives you a better price and a more robust solution. However, the robot market i
Robot Tech
08 April 2020

The Pros and Cons of Collaborative Robots - Flexibility vs. Efficiency

Why read this: Collaborative robots can be cheaper and more flexible than traditional industrial robots, but are usually not as fast and precise. This article presents the advantages and dis
Robot Tech
01 April 2020

Autonomous Mobile Robots for Internal Logistics: Pros and Cons

Why read this: This article presents the advantages and disadvantages of autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) and their industrial use in 2020. Furthermore, it highlights some differences to AGVs (automate
Robot Tech
24 March 2020

Automated Sheet Metal Processing: How To Pick The Right Technology

Why read this: This article highlights automation options in sheet metal processing and compares different production setups to different technologies. Furthermore, it points out important things to l
Robot Business
02 March 2020

New Digital Hub Offers Global Robot Matchmaking

The world’s first independent, global robot hub #HowToRobot now sees the light of day. The matchmaking hub is dedicated to creating transparency in the robot industry and help manufacturers fin
Robot Tech
21 February 2020

A Brief Introduction to Welding Robots and Their Uses

Welding robots have been used in the industrial sector for years because of the many advantages they bring, such as reduced waste, improved safety and enhanced weld quality. This article highlights di
Robot Tech
18 February 2020

A Short Guide to Packaging Robots: Their Kinds, Use, and Integration

There are several reasons for which robots have been used in industrial packaging for decades now. Increased productivity, efficiency and speed, to name a few. This article sheds some light on packagi
07 February 2020

A Short Guide to Packaging Robots: Their kinds, Use, and Integration

For decades, robots have been used for industrial packaging. This article attempts to shed some light on packaging robots, the tasks they perform, and the potential problems arising from their integra
Robot People
22 January 2020

Automation Initiatives Fail When We Forget Our Employees

In many organisations, automation initiatives are met with scepticism, little support, and sometimes even sabotage. Addressing the people side of robot implementation is crucial for the success of suc
Robot Business
16 December 2019

Yes, Robots Are Taking Jobs – And If They Didn’t, We’d Have a Problem

Labor shortages – not robots – is the real issue facing the manufacturing sector in Europe and the US. And, contrary to a popular belief, robots might be a part of the solution. There’s somet
Robot Safety
12 December 2019

Too Many Mobile Robot-Sites Are Failing Safety Standards – Soon Integrators Will Pay the Price

Upcoming safety standards for mobile robots will reveal a growing problem for the industry: Very few installations are actually safe, and neither customers nor integrators seem to know who’s respons
Robot Business
13 November 2019

Automation advisor: Many Companies Face the Same Efficiency Dilemma When Buying Robots

Many companies investing in robots will face the same efficiency dilemma, says Niels Korsager, automation advisor at Gain & Co. The solution, he adds, is to regard robots and automation as a
Robot Business
06 November 2019

Customers Pay the Price When Robot Projects Go Wrong

When robot projects fail, outdated contracts and trade terms heavily favor suppliers and allow them to withdraw at minimal financial cost. Consequently, customers end up paying for unsuccessful invest
Robot Safety
22 October 2019

Companies are Unaware of Unsafe Robots in Action

Industrial robots are becoming still easier to install, re-program, and relocate. However, by repurposing the robot themselves, customers become responsible for carrying out the required safety measur
Robot Tech
09 October 2019

DIY-Robot? Here are 4 important things to consider

As solutions become more intuitive and prices fall, still more companies take on the job of becoming their own robot integrator. However, successfully implementing a robotic solution is no walk in the
27 September 2019

Whitepaper: How To Find Your Robot Potential

How to find your robot potential 7 steps to choosing an automation project with low risk and high reward If you are looking into automating processes at your company, this whitepaper is for you.
Robot Tech
12 September 2019

Finding the Proper Robot Solution: New isn’t Always Better

  Pursuing the newest robot solutions can be tempting. However, before you let fascination rule, you should clarify your needs and demands of the solutions. Danish companies are constantly
Robot Business
12 September 2019

“Without automation, we have less than 10 years left in Poland”

  Salaries are rising rapidly in the otherwise popular outsourcing-country, Poland. Because of this, robots and automation are a necessity to maintain the local production, in the opinion of t
Robot Business
12 September 2019

Flexible Robot Solutions are Good – But Not at Any Price

  Many companies – especially electronics producers – demand flexible robot solutions. But without a realistic calculation of potential, it can end up an expensive affair, warns robot cons
Robot Business
09 September 2019

8 reasons why companies buy robots — and no, it’s not just about replacing people

Many companies choose to invest in robots and automation in order to improve production quality, working environment and make up for worker shortage. It is a myth that companies are mainly buying r
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