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How does it work?

Simply fill in your company information to get listed in the directory. It is free and you can update your information anytime.

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Why join?

Until now, it has been difficult for customers to get a full overview of relevant robot suppliers globally. As a result, many customers miss out on getting the best deal – some even give up on finding a robot solution to their specific needs. The #HowToRobot directory changes that. It is the world’s largest catalog of robot suppliers with in-depth company information. It makes it possible to find and compare suppliers based on objective criteria such as what robot solutions they can provide, etc. In turn, customers find more and better suppliers – and suppliers get more relevant clients.

Who is behind #HowToRobot?

#HowToRobot is developed and maintained by Gain & Co – independent advisors on robots and automation based in Copenhagen, Denmark. We do not sell any robots and are 100% independent of suppliers of robot and automation solutions. #HowToRobot is a neutral platform meant as a service to robot customers, who need help with automating physical processes. It is not possible for suppliers to pay for a better ranking, and we strive to keep comparison metrics as objective and accurate as possible.

Why is it free?

The objective of the directory is to give end-customers a complete and accurate overview of relevant robot suppliers. Charging for access would compromise this goal.