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Go West Robotics, Inc. is a robotics software development and consulting company based in Boise, Idaho. Founded in 2013, at Go West we pride ourselves on our superior technological and software development expertise, but we differentiate ourselves from our competitors with our user-focused design skills and our exceptional client experience. We work with both autonomous robotics companies and robotics integrators to augment their existing software development teams. When working with integrators, we work as an extension of the robotics software engineering (RSE) team to provide additional bandwidth as they take on new projects and help them meet aggressive software delivery deadlines. We also help integrator engineering teams by bringing skills that many RSE teams do not have, including: developing and implementing custom robot communication protocols; moving robot data and processing to the cloud; building cloud-based robot simulation environments to support development and pre-production prototyping; moving robot processing and control systems from “closed” environments to open source technologies; and designing, developing, and implementing user-focused custom HMIs and control systems to allow integrators to have more control over their customer experience. Because of the deep technical skills our team members possess, we have allowed our integrator clients to provide transformative user experiences to their clients. For example, our AVA product allows integrators and manufacturers to view robot uptime and OEE in real time. We have developed custom robot communication libraries to export performance data from robots and move it to the cloud, where we execute custom algorithms to present robot performance graphically and calculate OEE for ad hoc reporting. We have also developed and implemented intuitive interfaces for end users to be able to view performance data live and to download robot data in a format that integrates with their existing processes. Our technical skills transcend ”just” robot software. We are experts in algorithms, vision processing, cloud/ dev ops, user-based design, and simulation. While our services are usually used to support production applications that “make things”, we also work to facilitate rapid prototyping and better software development for RSE testing. For example, we have built simulation solutions to help RSE teams test and optimize performance using cloud-based simulated robots and PLCs.

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122 W Crestline Dr
Boise, ID 83702-2905
United States


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122 W Crestline Dr
Boise, ID 83702-2905
United States

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