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The OnRobot product range features solutions and tools for collaborative applications, including electric grippers, force/torque sensors, a vacuum gripper, the award-winning Gecko Gripper and tool changers. This new combination of offerings from OnRobot makes it quicker and simpler to automate tasks such as packaging, quality control, materials handling, machine tending, palletizing, assembly and surface finishing. Headquartered in Odense, Denmark, OnRobot also has offices in Dallas, Soest (Germany), Barcelona, Warsaw, Shanghai, Tokyo, Seoul, Singapore and Budapest. For more information, visit onrobot.com
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Company competencies

Product groups


Industrial robot components, automated equipment accessories


Positioning equipment, electronic, materials handling, robotic


Mechanical component manufacturing services, robotics, automation


Manipulators, robotic


Guidance systems, optical, for industrial robots


Tool changers, robotics


Tool holders for robots or automatic machine tools


Sensors for robots and automated machinery


Robots, industrial


Robots, industrial, electronic


Robots, assembly line


Robots, car body polishing


Robots, palletising and/or order picking


Robots, handling, for plastics processing


Robots, feeding and stacking


Electronic component manufacturing services, robotics, automation


Robots, industrial, packaging


Robots, industrial


Assembly machines, including robotic


Robots for drilling, cutting, grinding, polishing, etc.


Robots, industrial, for education and training


Polishing services, robotic, for metals


Robots, assembly line: industrial and commercial


Software, industrial automation and robotics


Robots, software selection and application

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Robot solution types
Material Addition
Material Handling
Material Removing
Machine Tending
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Target Industries
Agriculture & Forestry
Electronics & Technology
Food & Beverage
Metal & Machinery
Pharma & Chemistry
Rubber & Plastic
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Teglværksvej 47H
5220 Odense

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Robot Catalog

  • Denmark, Odense OnRobot

    The Dual Quick Changer enables you to use our end-of-arm tools together in a single cycle. With this innovative solution you can use two RG2 grippers or an RG6 gripper with a VG10 – it’s entirely up to you. Quickly and seamlessly switch between our tools to maximize the utilization of your robots wi…

  • Denmark, Odense OnRobot

    The Quick Changer enables easy and fast tool changing. The Quick Changer can handle 20kg payload and has a low built-in height and weight. Patented reliable and with easy-to-use locking mechanism, extra safety locking structure and locking springs make the Quick Changer a unique product, ideal for a…

  • Denmark, Odense OnRobot

    OnRobot 6-axis force torque sensors provide accurate force and torque measurements along all 6 axes. This gives you precise control when it comes to difficult assembly, polishing, sanding or deburring jobs. Additionally, the HEX software includes path recording, force control and special features fo…

  • Denmark, Odense OnRobot

    The VGC10 electrical compact vacuum gripper has unlimited customization possibilities. It has changeable suction cup options too for nearly any application need. Smaller than the VG10, the VGC10 can fit into tight environments to extend your automation possibilities. And at half the weight of the VG…

  • Denmark, Odense OnRobot

    The VG10 vacuum gripper is an end-of-arm tooling (EoAT) specifically designed for collaborative robot applications. The VG10’s adjustable vacuum and gripping arms make it ideal for operations involving work pieces of many different sizes and shapes. The VG10 is a dual suction gripper, meaning you ca…

  • Denmark, Odense OnRobot

    The 3FG15 is ideal for gripping a wide range of cylindrical objects in machine-tending applications such as CNC lathe machines. The gripper’s design automatically centers workpieces, resulting in fast deployment with a strong, stable grip and precise placement. With a payload of up to 15kg, the 3FG1…

  • Denmark, Odense OnRobot

    The Gecko Single Pad (SP) Gripper brings the innovative Gecko adhesive gripper technology to small-footprint applications that were previously impossible to automate. The gecko-inspired adhesive technology offers precise, no-mark gripping, even for perforated items such as circuit boards or for shin…

  • Denmark, Odense OnRobot

    The gecko gripping technology was originally developed in the labs at NASA as a tool for collecting defunct satellites and other space trash, as well as applications on the International Space Station. From these lofty beginnings, the Gecko Gripper serves more earthbound purposes – carefully picking…

  • Denmark, Odense OnRobot

    The RG2-FT is a state-of-the-art gripper with added sensing and intelligence. It has built-in force/torque and proximity sensor providing very precise automation. This enables true collaboration with human operators, supporting them like a co-worker would. Insertion processes can be achieved faster…

  • Denmark, Odense OnRobot

    The RG6 – 6kg payload robot arm gripper is a flexible collaborative gripper with built-in Quick Changer, up to 150mm stroke. It provides intelligence, fast deployment, easy customization and programming. The outstanding software features that come with the product enable intelligent applications. Th…

  • Denmark, Odense OnRobot

    The RG2 - 2kg payload robot arm gripper is a flexible collaborative gripper with built-in Quick Changer up to 110mm stroke. It provides intelligence, fast deployment, easy customization and programming. The outstanding software features through our one system solution decreasing engineering and manu…