Kilde Automation

Denmark, Skive | Manufacturer | 50-99 employees

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Company description

KILDE is your professional automation partner. In close cooperation with you we develop flexible machine solutions optimizing your production. When you choose a KILDE solution you are sure to get a robust and future-proof high quality solution that contributes to the continued development of your competitiveness. We have more than 40 years of experience in designing and building machines and automating production processes. Environmentally friendly machine operation At KILDE we constantly aim at supplying more environmentally friendly solutions. We help to minimize the environmental impact by putting reduction of energy consumption and CO2 at the very top of the agenda, and this is valued by our customers. To an increasing degree we experience that they want solutions that help to minimize the environmental impact. The most important is a constructive dialogue We pride ourselves on providing integrated solutions which have been thought out down to the last detail. This can only be done when entering into a constructive dialogue with you. In this way, we take all necessary factors into consideration, identify real needs and piece together a solid solution that is future-proof and improves your competitiveness. We help you in selecting new technology We make a virtue of acquainting ourselves with your needs and make sure to introduce you to various possibilities concerning investment in new technology. We listen to your requirements and wishes and use our experience to challenge and inspire with innovative solutions. You can trust us always to have in mind which investments will be to your advantage when it comes to new technology and your investment return always comes first. 24/7 service – people and machines It's about close interaction between people. But it is certainly also about interaction between people and machines. Machines must be user-friendly, and the people, who are to operate the machines, must be provided with the necessary instruction and support. Therefore it is quite natural for us to offer 24/7 service moving out as soon as there are problems. We also analyse problems and causes in order to prevent the problems together with you.

Company details

Ulvevej 21
7800 Skive

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Company competencies

Product groups

  • Robotic conveyors
  • Industrial robot components, automated equipment accessories
  • Arms, robot
  • Servo-motors, industrial robot
  • Television cameras, robotic control
  • Assembly machines, including robotic
  • Robots, industrial
  • Robots, industrial, pneumatic
  • Robots, handling, for plastics processing
  • Software, industrial automation and robotics
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Robot solution types

  • Assembly
  • Logistics
  • Material Handling
  • Quality
  • Other
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Target Industries

  • Logistics
  • Metal & Machinery
  • Pharma & Chemistry
  • Recycling
  • Robotics
  • Other
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Company addresses

Head office

Ulvevej 21
7800 Skive

Contact persons

Sten Hangaard

Sales Manager
+45 24852156

Rasmus Agerskov

Sales Manager Industry
+45 24411245