Scape Technologies A/S

Denmark, DK-Odense | Sub-component supplier | 20-49 employees

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Company description

Scape Technologies, known as Scape – The Bin-Picking Company, is a focused robot technology company that has developed a unique Bin-Picking Solution – SCAPE Bin-Picker. The company's solution helps companies from various fields, where items need to be collected from boxes/bins or pallets before the next process, such as assembly of semi-finished products, part delivery for machines, quality control and packing. Since the foundation in 2004, the company develops and delivers an automated robotic bin-picking solution that is easy to use and integrates gripping devices, sensors, cameras and proprietary software for a fast, reliable and accurate collection, control and placement of sub-components and items that are supplied unstructured in boxes – hence the concept of Bin-Picking. The SCAPE name is an abbreviation of "Smart Classifier and Pose Estimation", which is used in the company's advanced bin-picking solution.

Company details

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Company competencies

Product groups

  • Software, industrial automation and robotics
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Robot solution types

  • Assembly
  • Logistics
  • Material Handling
  • Machine Tending
  • Other
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Target Industries

  • Automotive
  • Electronics & Technology
  • Logistics
  • Metal & Machinery
  • Robotics
  • Other
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Head office

Østerbro 5C
5000 DK-Odense

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