Find your hidden robot potential

The Remote Assessment is a virtual “automation checkup” of your production site by an independent expert

Uncover new automation projects with a high impact and low risk – without the need of a physical visit


Why get a Remote Automation Assessment?
Discover new areas for automation

Get an expert to find the find the automation projects with the most benefit to your business and lowest risk.

Get an expert opinion

An independent robot expert knows how to spot the possibilities. And he can tell you if your project can be automated using standard solutions or needs customization

Make a plan for automation

You get a prioritized plan for your automation projects. So you make sure to pick the most realistic automation projects with the most value to your business.

What does it cost?
€ 399 Per Assessment 
  • A virtual walkthrough of an independent automation advisor of up to 1 hour
  • Live conversation with the advisor giving you input
  • An Automation Roadmap of up to 10 processes – scoring on impact and risk
  • A PDF report with your plan to guide management decisions
  • Results integrated into #HowToRobot to easily continue your automation journey
How does it work?
Book meeting

Choose the right timeslot for your remote assesment.

Accept video call

You will receive a video call from the advisor.

Walk through production site

Give the advisor a virtual tour through your factory.

Receive Automation Roadmap

You will receive a digital Automation Roadmap on the #HowToRobot Platform

The Remote Automation Assessment give robot experts virtual access to your factory

The remote automation assessment is a fast and cost-effective method for companies to identify new high impact automation projects with relative low risk. The tool has been developed by independent automation advisors, who have seen many production sites and know about the most recent robot technologies and where to spot the possibilities. Also, they do not sell any solutions.

Instead, they can give you an objective view on each process in your factory and help you discover:

 - Will productivity increase from automation?

 - What about product quality?

 - Will working environment improve?

 - Is the process easy to automate?

 - Or will the project be complicated and risky?