EU-Report: Few European SMEs Use Robots

Report from The European Commission shows modest share of robots in European SMEs


The adoption of robotics in EU member states is “quite low”, according to a 2019 report by The European Commission: Only 6,7% of European SMEs are using industrial or ser-vice robots.

Contrary to popular belief, industrial robots haven’t found their way to European companies. Only 6,7% of small and medium sized enterprises (10-249 employees) use industrial robots.
The number of larger enterprises using robots is four times as high – almost 25%. This shows how strongly the use of robots varies with company size.

Western European countries above EU average

Only Western European countries find themselves above the EU average of 6,7 %. Spanish SMEs have the highest adoption of robots, approximately 10%, while Cyprus averag-es at 1,2%.

In the countries Estonia, Hungary, Greece, Romania, Lithuania, and Cyprus, the percent-age of SMEs using industrial or service robots is below 4%. 

Almost one quarter of larger European enterprises use robots

As of 2018, almost 25% of larger European enterprises use robots. For countries Slovenia, Denmark, Czech Republic, Sweden, and Finland, the number exceeds 30%.

In both SMEs and larger enterprises, the use of industrial robots is more than double that of service robots.

It should be noted that data from six member states isn’t available (Belgium, Croatia, Ireland, Latvia, Luxembourg, and the UK).