Delta Tau Data Systems Inc of California

United States, Chatsworth , California
Sub-component supplier
100-249 employees

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Company description

Delta Tau Data Systems makes motion and machine-control products, including board and system level motion controllers, amplifiers, converters, control panels, and machine tool controllers. It also offers software tools used to develop applications for the hardware. Delta Tau Data Systems serves a wide range of industries, including general automation, robotics, machine tools, medical and packaging equipment, and semiconductor manufacturing. Founded in 1976 by Dimitri S. Dimitri, Delta Tau Data has offices in China, Japan, South Korea, Switzerland, the UK, and the US. In mid-2015, the company was acquired by Japan-based electronic control product maker OMRON.

Company details


21314 Lassen St
Chatsworth, CA 91311-4254
United States


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Company competencies

Product groups

Robots, assembly line: industrial and commercial

Robot solution types


Material Addition

Handling & Picking

Inspection & QA

Target industries



Food & Beverage


Metal & Machinery


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Company addresses

Head office

21314 Lassen St
91311-4254 Chatsworth
United States

Contact persons

Ronnie Rostamian

Director Of Quality Assurance

Stephen Milici

Technical Support Manager

Steve Fierro

Test Engineering Manager

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