Reliabotics LLC

United States, New Brunswick , New Jersey
20-49 employees


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Company description

Reliabotics is a world-class robotic systems integration company with a wide range of automation capabilities and standard products for clients in industrial manufacturing, processing facilities and retail operations. We design, build, install and service advanced automation solutions that are robust, cost effective, easy to deploy and operate with a quick return on investment. Reliabotics specializes in building turnkey and custom robotic work cells and production lines utilizing the latest technologies in robotics, controls and communication systems, machine vision, tooling, conveyance and intelligent software.

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24 Van Dyke Avenue
New Brunswick, NJ 08901
United States



Company competencies

Solution types

Assembly & Dispensing

Cleaning & Disinfecting

Machining & Shearing

Handling & Picking

Inspection & Quality Control

Logistics & Storage

Painting & Coating

Finishing & Sanding

Packing & Palletizing

Printing & Labeling

Welding & Soldering

Target industries

Aerospace & Defense

Agriculture & Forestry



Electronics & Technology


Food & Beverage



Metal & Machinery


Paper & Pulp

Pharma & Chemistry



Rubber & Plastic


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Robot catalogue

Reliabotics Turnkey Robotic Automation Work Cell

Reliabotics proudly presents RoboRoom; a turnkey, modular automation work cell designed for easy integration with robotics, PLC controls,…

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Reliabotics Surface Technology Group

Reliabotics Surface Technologies Group (RSTG) offers complete solutions for surface treatment and finishing for various industries, with…

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Reliabotics Nano-Ceramic Deburring & Finishing Brushes, Available With Robotic Automation

Nano-Ceramic Brushes Reliabotics Stone Brush TM by SOWA is made of high-quality ceramic fiber with infused abrasive at nano-level.…

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Reliabotics Custom Robotic Automation Systems

Reliabotics Custom Robotic Automation Reliabotics is an established engineering design and robotic systems integration company capable of…

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Company addresses

Head office

24 Van Dyke Avenue
08901 New Brunswick
United States

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Reliabotics is fully committed to providing the most innovative, robust and cost-effective robotic automation systems and advanced products to address the business needs of its clients in various industries backed by our excellent service and support team.