Map your production for automation

Do you know where to find the biggest potential for automation in your company?

Map your production for automation

Use the Potential Finder tool to get an overview of the best places to begin automation.

Start Potential Finder

Why map your production?

Get an overview

Map out possible automation projects and rank them according to how valuable they are for your business.

Spend your money wisely

The tool helps you find out where automation is most likely to succeed – before you invest in a solution.

Get management approval

Create a structured automation overview that is easy for decision makers to understand.

When to use the Potential Finder?

Companies use our Potential Finder tool to:

  Describe their possible automation projects in a structured way.
  Estimate the value and risk that each automation project represent for their business.
  Score how automation may increase productivity, improve work environment and provide better product quality.
  Present a structured report to management for approval.

How does it work?

1. Create an Automation Roadmap

Describe the location where you want to map out all your possible automation projects.

2. Describe your processes one-by-one

Describe how each process is carried out today, how many operators it has, etc.

3. Estimate automation impact & risk

Answer a questionnaire to score each process – e.g. on improving productivity, work environment etc.

4. Download your report

Get a structured report in PDF format with your results – and a scoring table comparing processes.

This service is made by independent advisors

The Potential Finder is developed by independent advisors to help improve the success rate of automation projects. The methodology is used internationally by manufacturers to make strategic decisions on automation.

Disclaimer: The Potential Finder requires detailed information about your production processes to provide an accurate result. Without correct input, results may vary.