Our story

We started out as advisors back in 2017. We were helping companies figure out their robot potential, do their business cases and finding the right suppliers for their needs.

It very quickly became obvious to us that buyers were struggling with finding the right place to start. And it was hard to find suppliers with experience in the particular field of the buyer.

Most buyers looked for suppliers very locally and didn’t always achieve what they were hoping for. We also saw that the clients’ demands and specifications were made by people not used to dealing with robots. In other words, this created confusion and projects that took way too long and with too many disappointed parties.

So, we set out to structure these deals, create a world map of suppliers and make tools for buyers and sellers to find each other in a smarter way. This is #HowToRobot – officially launched in 2020.

Every day we try to help buyers specify their need and put them in contact with sellers all over the planet. Customers have access to decision tools and market insights to make good purchasing decisions.

And our growing network of independent advisors are making robots an easier choice for SME’s worldwide.


The world’s first digital robot hub

Founded in Copenhagen in 2020. Servicing customers in a global market worth more than $88 billion.

Mapped the global robot market

Currently more than 15,000 suppliers from all over the world.

Digital marketplace

Connecting customers with robot and automation suppliers. Making transactions easier and more transparent.

Tools and market insights

Decision tools, market insights and advisor network to improve customer outcomes.

We believe in transparency, a global marketplace
and a value chain that everybody sees and understands

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Press inquiries: Elías Lundström, Head of PR: el@howtorobot.com or +45 53 27 26 73.

We are here to match the right buyers with the right sellers.
Simple as that.

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