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For suppliers

Why should I join HowToRobot?


You will get matched with interested buyers looking for automation solutions, robot components, services, and even expert help.

No need to spend months trying to find leads - on our platform, you can find buyers who already know what they need and wish to receive proposals from suppliers like you.

Our team will help you create a profile on our platform, and guide you through the process of using it so that you can succeed.

It’s fast and efficient.

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Is my area of business relevant to HowToRobot?

If you are a robot and automation supplier, manufacturer, integrator, advisor, or distributor, you've come to the right place.

Buyers on HowToRobot are typically searching for:

  • Integrated robot and automation solutions for any task: welding, assembly, cutting, logistics, cleaning and disinfecting, landscaping and gardening, machine tending, inspection and quality control, material handling, addition and removal
  • Components or parts for a robot solution: end effectors and grippers, robotic arms, mobile robots, sensor and vision, safety equipment and fencing, process equipment
  • Training and upskilling: robot programming, PLC programming, robot maintenance, and upskilling in general
  • Repair and maintenance services
  • Consultancy services
How do I create a company profile on the HowToRobot platform?

It's easy to get started.

But first, search our directory as your business may already be listed there. If you find your company profile, simply click the “Claim” button, and wait for the approval.

If you can't find your business in the directory, go to our supplier page and click the “Get started for free” button. You will be asked to fill in your company's details.

Complete your profile and make it interesting for buyers by including as many details as you can.

How do I check if my company is already registered on HowToRobot?

Simply search our directory. If you find your company profile there, just click the “Claim” button, and wait for approval.

Then, you will be able to complete your profile with more details and enjoy all the benefits of using our platform to grow your business.

Is it possible to give multiple users access to our company account?

Yes, supplier accounts may provide access to multiple users. A supplier may have one owner account and unlimited coworker accounts. A coworker is able to:

  • Showcase products in the HowToRobot Product Directory *
  • Create local offices
  • Connect to brands you are reselling
  • Purchase premium membership

* Premium membership required.

What should I do if my company has more than 1 office?

If you have several offices within one country, you can add those to your company profile.

Just open your profile, click the “edit profile” button, scroll down to the Offices section, and click the “Add Local Office” button.

If you have offices in several countries, make sure to create one company profile for each country. This way, buyers looking for suppliers in a specific geographic location will find you.

What are the differences between a free and premium account?
How much does it cost to join HowToRobot as a supplier?

It is free to join HowToRobot as a supplier and get your business listed in our directory.

To enjoy all the benefits of the platform and engage with potential buyers, you will need to upgrade to a premium membership.

See current pricing and service fees.

What are the payment methods allowed?

HowToRobot accepts the following payment methods:

  • Credit and/or debit cards offered by our payment provider (Stripe).
  • Digital invoice with bank transfer. Request invoice payment on
How many buyer requests do you have on your platform?

You can view all active requests here.

For each request, up to five relevant suppliers are selected. Subsequently, the request is closed for submission.

What is HowToRobot's procurement process?

Get an overview of the steps involved for buyers and suppliers.

Can buyers call me directly?

Yes, as long as you are in our directory and include the correct contact details in your profile, buyers can reach you directly.

Do you charge a commission on projects?

HowToRobot charges a fee on projects won through our platform. See our terms and service fees.

For buyers

Why should I use your platform?


HowToRobot is the world’s largest marketplace connecting buyers and suppliers of robots and automation technology. The platform makes it faster, simpler and more cost-effective finding the right automation partners.

  1. Save time finding suppliers

Save time finding robot suppliers. You can publish requests for automation solutions globally in less than 15 minutes – and get offers from qualified suppliers (free of charge).

  1. Increase your options & drive down costs

Discover the most up-to-date and relevant solutions on the market. HowToRobot is the world’s largest robot marketplace making it easy to find qualified suppliers and cost-effective solutions.

  1. Document your business case to internal stakeholders

Make sure your internal stakeholders are onboard with your automation investments. HowToRobot provides a free set of tools to document, calculate, and rank the value of automation projects.

How do I write a good request?

To post a request, start here and choose if you’re looking for a complete robot solution, or just need components, spare parts, service, or education.

Follow instructions and your request will be submitted to suppliers worldwide.

Make sure to fill in all fields and include as many details as possible.

Add photos and videos to make it easier for suppliers to understand your needs. This will help ensure that you get contacted by the right suppliers and find the solution you’re looking for as fast as possible.

If you would like to know where and how to start, try our Automation Journey free of charge.

Why haven't I received any quotes?

If you haven’t received any budgetary quotes from suppliers, it might be an indication that suppliers are struggling to understand your needs and therefore don’t know if their solution would be relevant for you.

To help them understand your needs, you might want to add more details to your request and include photos and videos.

At HowToRobot, we have a dedicated team that oversees all requests - ready to guide and assist you. Contact us at

Is the service anonymous or can the suppliers see my details?

When you post a request on the platform, suppliers cannot see your details.

You can share this information whenever you’re ready to do so.

Is there a limit to the number of requests I can post?

There is no limit to the number of requests that you can post. Please note, however, that to receive qualified budgetary quotes from suppliers, you must provide specific details about your needs and follow the process listed here

How long will my request be active?

After your request is posted, up to 5 relevant suppliers are selected. Subsequently, the request is closed for submission and budgetary quotes are submitted. See an overview of the full procurement process here.

Do I have to accept the budgetary quotes I receive?

You are under no obligation to accept any of the quotes you receive. However, you will have to follow HowToRobot's procurement process.  

What is HowToRobot's procurement process?

Get an overview of the steps involved for buyers and suppliers.

How do I search for relevant suppliers?

Use our supplier directory to search for suppliers and our product directory to search for standard solutions and components.

To find a solution that fits your specific need without spending much time on research, you can post a request directly on the platform and receive qualified budgetary quotes from vetted suppliers. We structure and guide the process to ensure the best possible results for both parties.