Independent advisors

As your independent advisor we work to identify ideal automation targets specific to your needs, enabling meaningful and long-lasting solutions with smooth and efficient implementation.

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Expert advice

Whether you are looking to optimize an existing automated process or searching for new technology, we provide evaluation and planning to future-proof your automation solution.

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Solid experience

Our expert advisors cover robot engineers, procurement specialists, and legal experts with a proven track-record of planning and implementing complex technology projects.

We have advised 500+ corporations across the globe towards successful automation. This has given us a thorough understanding of the challenges companies face when deciding to automate – and helped us develop sound processes for defining robot potential.


Years of combined experience


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Example services

We are happy to guide you through the entire journey, or support you on an individual phase basis.

High-level Guidance

Providing a basic initial overview.

  • Light facility screening
  • Basic recommendation on where to start
  • Help to describe project in vendor terms

Automation Roadmap

Building an automation master plan.

  • Identification of opportunities
  • Preliminary technical and financial evaluation
  • Ranking and sequencing per client objectives

Project Development

Developing a project ready to execute.

  • In-depth technical and financial validation
  • Detailed requirement specification
  • Prelim supplier scan and budget quotes

Sourcing and tendering

Tendering and negotiating contracts.

  • Tender material and process management
  • Vendor bid evaluation and recommendation
  • Business case confirmation on firm quotes

Project Support

Overseeing implementation and optimization.

  • Equipment deployment oversight
  • Project management
  • Run-in and optimization support

Get a second opinion

Are you looking to automate but want a second opinion on where to start? Our independent advisors can do a light screening of your facility and help you evaluate which processes are best fit for automation.

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Independent support

As we are fully market-neutral, we help you find a solution that matches your specific needs and budget. We collaborate alongside your team to plan the integration and ensure that the solution underpins your goals and specifications.

This means we can support every aspect of your automation transition, from initial assessment to successful implementation.

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Our clients

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