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Hospitality robots are changing the service industry.

10. Jul 2024

Robot Tech

Hospitality robots: Meeting summer demands through automation

Discover how robotic technology is changing hotels and resorts, making this peak travel season more efficient and exciting than ever before.
Pipeline inspection

27. Jun 2024

Robot Tech

Rethinking pipe inspection: Applying robots in harsh environments

Inspection robots can navigate pipelines with exceptional precision and safety, greatly transforming how industries maintain their critical infrastructure. In this article, we give you the whys, the whats, and the hows of automated pipeline inspection.
Industrial robot

20. Jun 2024

Robot Business

7 Ways Businesses Benefit from Robotics & Automation Today

Automation and robotics provide a range of competitive advantages – from higher productivity to a better working environment. Understanding these benefits is key to deciding what to automate.
HowToRobot Co-CEO Søren Peters was interviewed on the Manufacturing Happy Hour podcast

14. Jun 2024

Robot Business

HowToRobot Co-CEO discusses the barriers to automation on ‘Manufacturing Happy Hour’ podcast

How to lower the barriers to entry to robotics and automation? HowToRobot Co-CEO Søren Peters was on the podcast ‘Manufacturing Happy Hour’ to discuss the topic with its host, Chris Luecke.
Mobile robot at a hospital

30. May 2024

Robot Business

Demographic shift requires large-scale robot use in hospitals

The growing global burden on the healthcare system is challenging hospitals to use automation to a greater extent and scale up beyond pilot projects.
Mobile robots at a hospital

21. May 2024

Robot Business

Automating hospital intralogistics? Why early planning is key

Hospitals are increasingly deploying mobile robots to automate intralogistics operations at scale. However, successful implementation depends on several key factors, including early planning, according to independent advisors.
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