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Market report UK 2021

UK Supplier Report

New market report covers UK robot & automation suppliers from 2021.

Use it to find suppliers for your next automation project – or resellers for your robots.

The report contains details on 410 British robot and automation suppliers.

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United Kingdom Melton Mowbray
Sub-component supplier

Manufacturer of Robot Guidance Cameras

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China Suzhou

DARU Technology (Suzhou) Co., Ltd is built in 2020, and located in the Suzhou industrial park in the Yangtze river delta of China.

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Australia Melbourne VIC

THE ABSOLUTE BEST ROBOTS IN EACH CLASS WE WILL ONLY RECOMMEND THE BEST OVERALL VALUE ROBOTS FOR EACH CLIENT Quantum Robotics has spent years combing the world to find the absolute best robots in eac

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Poland Tarnów

ELPLC is one of the leading providers of specialized solutions for (and not only) automotive industry production automatization and robotization.

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Denmark Esbjerg
Denmark Hejnsvig

VestTech leverer totalløsninger, hvor Fanuc industrirobotter og specialbygget gribeudstyr anvendes i forbindelse med emnehåndtering. Vi har over 30 års erfaring inden for industriel automationm og fre

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Denmark Odense
Denmark Aalborg
Sub-component supplier

Make your robot more efficient and reliable with simple programming. We will provide software systems which enables you to create programs very fast and with minimal downtime of your paint line.

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Robot Insights

The need for automation in the UK increases, as Brexit makes it difficult to get access to low skilled labor. A new market report from #HowToRobot provides an overview of 410 robot and automation suppliers located in the UK.

#HowToRobot -
Editorial team

Too many small- and medium-sized businesses risk losing out on the next big industry transformation, says Søren Peters, CEO of the world’s first digital robot hub, The hub aims to increase robot adoption globally by breaking down the barriers to automation for smaller businesses.

#HowToRobot -
Editorial team

More organizations look for automated cleaning and disinfection solutions to combat Covid-19. To make sure the investment pays off, they need a plan addressing the technical and organizational challenges.

Many leaders today face a huge challenge of keeping workplaces safe in light of the Covid-19 pandemic. Cleaning in particular has become a hot topic raising many questions:

How do you meet the increased need for cleaning without breaking the bank?

Pernille Skaaning Sylvest
Senior project manager
Gain & Co

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Whitepaper: How To Find Your Robot Potential

How To Find Your Robot Potential

By Niels Korsager, Automation Advisor, Gain & Co

Guide of 7 steps to choose an automation project with low risk and high reward.
If you are looking into automating processes at your company, this whitepaper is for you.

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