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The global provider of Robotic Solutions, OnRobot delivers a full line of innovative plug-and-produce solutions for collaborative applications.

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The global provider of Robotic Solutions, OnRobot delivers a full line of innovative plug-and-produce solutions for collaborative applications.

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Kelvin Tool Changer

Kelvin Tool Changer is an automatic tool shifter specially designed for small
collaborative robots.

The company behind Kelvin Tool Changer is 4TECH Robotics ApS

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At AIRGATE, we develop robot software applications (plugins like URCaps, Rodi-X among others) and robot software solutions that enhance the use of collaborative robots in terms of process and suppo

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PGB Engineering Ltd. System integrator of Fanuc in the indutrial robot solution. System intergator of SIEMENS and Rockwell Automation in the industrial Automation.

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Lean Tech Ltd. is a reputable company whose offer includes comprehensive internal transport solutions for industrial halls and warehouses.

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7 Proven Steps for Planning Automation Projects
Robot Business

Automation technology holds great potential for companies challenged by the increased global competition and demographic development. But how is this potential realized? Here are seven proven steps to help you successfully plan and execute automation projects in your organization.

Remote Automation Assessment
Robot Business

The service connects manufacturers virtually with robot experts through a smartphone and shows the most valuable automation projects to focus on for the company.

Banner industrial robots
Robot Business

Why read this: Understanding the basics of industrial robots can put manufacturers on stronger ground when dealing with suppliers. It will also help prepare them for a future with more industrial robots and automation in the factory floors. This article will cover 7 types of industrial robots and the tasks they are made to perform.

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Whitepaper: How To Find Your Robot Potential

How To Find Your Robot Potential

By Niels Korsager, Automation Advisor, Gain & Co

Guide of 7 steps to choose an automation project with low risk and high reward.
If you are looking into automating processes at your company, this whitepaper is for you.

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