How ARC found the right fit in automation collaborations

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How ARC found the right fit in automation collaborations

As the world of automation and robotics continues to grow, finding the right collaborators for projects can often feel like searching for a needle in a haystack, especially when the industry terminology can be as complex as the technology itself.

For businesses like Alabama-based Automation Robotics Controls (ARC), challenges such as finding suitable collaborators and aligning their controls-centric services to their clients’ needs are not uncommon. Furthermore, not everyone in automation and robotics has the same mindset of terminology regarding who does what.

Industry-specific terminology woes

There are a ton of industry-specific words, like integrators, machine builders, and OEMs. These words often hold different meanings for different companies, causing confusion and misunderstandings that make it extremely difficult to communicate effectively and establish meaningful connections and partnerships.

While attending a KUKA Connexions partner event in Florida, ARC President Brandon Haley, was intrigued by HowToRobot’s platform and its promise to bridge that communication gap between buyers and sellers so they could find the right collaborators for their projects.

According to Haley, HowToRobot’s platform clarifies industry-specific vocabulary, leading to more precise and efficient collaborations. “We found it beneficial that it clarified things and helped people come together and find common ground on things that can be misleading or misinterpreted, or just differing opinions of what something is called.”

Transforming challenges into opportunities

Haley further indicated that the platform does a great job simplifying the qualification process and categorizing projects based on specific integration needs; for example, if a customer is looking for a palletizing solution, they have a direct line to the businesses that actually say they are palletizing integrators or do a specific type of palletizing.

“The process of marrying the right integrator with the right customer becomes easier,” says Haley. “Using the platform also ensures that there is no confusion about what we and potential customers can see as the whole project. Everyone in the industry knows how these things can get very complicated, and, sometimes, a lot of assumptions are made, which can lead to more confusion. With more confusion comes more frustration and then mistakes. If you can get everyone on the same playing field and have the right people selected, you can reduce that confusion, and everyone generally ends up in the same boat.”

More than your average software solution

Haley was also impressed by the platform’s tailored approach and overall package. There is a variety of software available in the market that claim to help businesses with CRM and some sales things. Still, they aren’t really designed to bridge the communication gaps between buyers and sellers.

“HowToRobot is designed to do this one thing, and it does it really well, which is to bring together customers and integrators that can provide the correct solution. I would venture to say that I have not seen anything along those exact lines,” says Haley.

A consistent stream of projects

Haley says the platform facilitates a steady flow of customer projects, offering ARC between one to three inquiries every week. “Total, we have probably looked at anywhere between 10 and 15 serious projects since we subscribed to the platform back in June,” says Haley.

HowToRobot provides a structured and guided procurement process, which helps to filter out any projects that do not have a viable foundation. The projects that ARC has encountered have therefore made a lot of sense for their expertise, so Haley was happy to focus on opportunities with realistic ROI potential and not waste time on unqualified prospects.

“Sometimes the customer doesn’t have a fully realistic idea of what a suitable solution would cost, as they don’t have experience in that area,” says Haley. “I would say a good portion of them are still weeded out by budget. Some customers came to us with a good idea and a real need for a solution but just didn’t have the ROI to justify the cost.”

Looking towards the future

Haley appreciates HowToRobot’s commitment to improvement and looks forward to further dialogues as users become more accustomed to the platform, acknowledging the potential for significant growth in the future.

“I am curious to see where the platform goes. I know it is still relatively young, and they’re making changes where and when needed,” says Haley.

ARC’s experience exemplifies the power of precise communication and tailored solutions, reinforcing the idea that in the complex world of automation and robotics, the perfect collaboration partner is simple to find for those willing to embrace innovative solutions.