Rollon’s data-driven approach to market expansion

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Rollon’s data-driven approach to market expansion

In a time where technology is constantly evolving and changing, staying competitive and relevant is a paramount goal for any company. As industries transition and adapt to the ceaseless waves of innovation, the need for reliable guidance becomes more pressing than ever.

In this context, having a trusted “guidebook” that illuminates the path forward can be a game-changer. For businesses seeking to navigate the convoluted world of market opportunities, such a resource becomes a compass, pointing them toward promising leads and untapped potential.

Just ask Lee Cheshire and Tim Prinsloo, Technical Sales Engineers at Rollon by Timken, a global linear rail and actuator systems provider, for customized product solutions and digital services. Tim and Lee are located in the UK territory for Rollon, and both are relatively new to the automation industry.

Unveiling the challenges

Three years ago, Rollon faced several challenges as they endeavored to expand into the automation market in the UK. When Tim joined, he was faced with the challenge of introducing a new product family into the UK market accompanied by Richard Holland. At that time, they were unsure of what the market potential was, and they needed help finding out who the main players were for this particularly innovative new product line and where to find them.

Their existing manual research process was time-consuming and yielded insufficient results. Moreover, existing key accounts and OEMs utilizing core product ranges with a strong degree of familiarity made it even more difficult to invest adequate time in researching and strategizing.

“We were trying to understand certain keywords for certain markets relating to our products,” explains Tim. “We were also doing Google searches, going on various customers’ websites, and building lists from all the data we collected. It was a lot of leg work, and we just didn’t have the time to do it.”

The time spent on research was time away from building relationships and getting qualified leads.

A quest for market clarity and insights

Around 2021, the Rollon team was approached by the HowToRobot team, and they showed them their Market Report for the UK. After a consultation, they realized that the report could give them the boost they needed–HowToRobot’s reputation for delivering valuable insights aligned perfectly with Rollon’s quest for market clarity.

It enabled Rollon to approach its market territories more strategically and efficiently and identify a focus on specific system integrators who could help realize and achieve ambitious growth targets.

The detailed descriptions of companies’ robot usage also played a pivotal role in mapping the possible opportunities within their market and assigning value to each prospect. “We were able to assign a value to them in terms of how much of each of our product lines we could sell to them and over what period of time,” explains Tim.

Lee, who joined Rollon earlier in the year, agrees, “I came from a completely different background and industry, so the report gave me a concise snapshot of what the potential of the market looked like and where it was located.”

Both Lee and Tim were able to leverage the report to compile a list of potential companies and leads and develop a plan of action that would significantly increase their newly developed and introduced product portfolio business from previous years.

The power of data mapping and strategic planning

The heat map was one feature Tim and Lee really appreciated from the report. It highlighted industry-specific niches and locations around the UK and helped Tim and Lee strategically target clients and allocate resources geographically.

“It provided me with a visual of where those pockets of activity were in relation to my location,” says Lee. “It really helped me plan my time so I could engage with customers more effectively.”

Efficient decision-making

Tim and Lee also shared how the report was a valuable educational tool for them. It equipped them with industry-specific terminology, knowledge of significant players, and an understanding of market dynamics. The report’s insights on various company types, such as distributors, integrators, advisors, and manufacturers, painted a comprehensive picture of the market within the UK.

“The report showed me where opportunities were available in my territory,” says Lee. It also armed me with a bit more credibility by educating me on industry dynamics so I could have conversations with the major players. It was almost like a bit of a “cheat book” I could use to get information quickly and familiarize myself with the industry.”

As the industry expands and with the market poised to flourish, the education and insights offered by the report could be the catalyst for both personal and industry growth. Rollon transformed its approach by collaborating with HowToRobot and the insights provided by its Automation Market Report.

Not only was it educational, but it was a reliable tool for efficient decision-making and qualified prospecting. Rollon’s success story showcases the importance of data-driven insights, strategic planning, and continuous education in navigating and thriving in the progressive world of automation.