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PreciseFlex™ 3400 - The fastest and safest cobot robot on the market.

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United States, Livermore
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The fastest and safest cobot robot on the market

The PreciseFlex™ 3400 is the world’s first collaborative four-axis SCARA robot. It achieves the fastest speeds and accelerations we offer and ensures both ease-of-use and safety that meets ISO/TS 15066 standards.

With speeds up to 1,500 mm/s and acceleration rates of 2 m/s^2 (with 1 kg payload) the PreciseFlex™ 3400 is the fastest collaborative robot available. This robot provides higher throughput than other cobots, while meeting the ISO/TS 15066 standards. Making it safe for operation around people, and equipment. 

We started with our technology in the proven PreciseFlex 400 robot and scaled it for general industry. The robot has four-axes, and a horizontal reach of 588 mm. It is available with 400, 750 and 1,160 mm vertical reach (Z-axis). It has a payload capacity of 3.0 kg, 2.5 kg with the optional servo gripper. The unique configuration of PreciseFlex robots are ideal for compact work cells and reaching into racks and machines.

With the robot controller embedded in the robot, there’s no bulky controller to mount or robot cables to stumble over.

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