Industrial Kinetics Inc.

United States, Downers Grove , Illinois
Robot manufacturer
20-49 employees


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Industrial Kinetics is a leading industrial conveyors and equipment manufacturer. We have created a full line of standard conveyors for pallet, package, unit, bag, and vehicle material handling requirements at our Downers Grove Illinois facility. This includes chain driven live roller conveyor, belt driven live roller conveyor, padded chain driven live roller conveyor, slat conveyors, belt conveyor, modular plastic belt conveyor, transfer cars, chain conveyors, pushers, and turntables. Our ability to develop and engineer application specific changes to our standard and semi-standard products is one of many qualities that set us apart from our competition. Many customers have unique processes and requirements that require special material consideration such as stainless steel, aluminum, plastics, and special alloys in place of typical steel components. Our use of 2D drawing and 3D modeling aids in our ability to develop and modify accurate conveyor equipment designs. These CAD tools can directly convert to machine programming, allowing us to punch our frames and formed steel conveyor components with a +/- .002” accuracy as shown on the engineered drawing. Industrial Kinetics ability to manufacture material handling equipment specific to integrator / end user application requirements has resulted in Industrial Kinetics being a key supplier to many equipment manufacturers that provide palletizing, storage and retrieval, packaging, finishing, and robotic parts handling equipment. Contact us for your material handling requirements. We can offer a standard product per your specification, or we would be pleased to review of you material handling requirement and be involved in the conveyor equipment section and design.

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2535 Curtiss St
Downers Grove, IL 60515
United States


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Assembly & Dispensing

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Logistics & Storage

Machining & Shearing

Painting & Coating

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Aerospace & Defense

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Head office

2535 Curtiss St
60515 Downers Grove
United States

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Christopher Dahl

Sales Engineer 16306550300