KNAP Automation B.V.

Netherlands, Sliedrecht
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KNAP Automation provides Safety Solutions and sensor for Robotics, automation, machines and automated process. Our solutions are used as protection against dangers of crushing – and shearing points as well as collision detections. In our portfolio we have 4Robitcs (gripper) bumpers, safety edges, safety mats, (PLC) Safety Controllers and Protective fences. With our years of experience in industrial automation/process KNAP Automation has realized a variety of solutions from tailor Bumpers for a 5 tons AGV (outdoor use) to safety edges for CNC machines and scissor lifts. Our goal is to realize high quality (tailored) solutions that that fits to your needs. If you are facing a challenge reach out to us and maybe, we also can realize a solution for your problem(s).

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Kubus 21
3364 DG Sliedrecht


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Machining & Shearing

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Agriculture & Forestry



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Kubus 21
3364 DG Sliedrecht

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