ON HOLD: Stud Welding of Embed Plates

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This is how the client describes their need

This is what they are looking for:

An Automation Solution

I have a process in my production that I would like to automate. I am looking for suppliers and solution proposals to help me figure out how to proceed with my automation project

Amount of fulltime operators working on my process:
Current amount(before automation):1 Expected amount(after automation):1
Manufactured units passing through my process per week:
Current amount(before automation):250 Expected amount(after automation):500
Customer details

This is what the client says about their current robot solution

I need the automation solution installed at the following location: United States, Milwaukee suburbs, Wisconsin
My company is doing business in the following industry: Construction
The product my company is producing is specified as:
This is the process type that I want to automate: Welding & Soldering
I need the suppliers to submit Budgetary Quotes before: No deadlines
Process description

This is how the clients process is being carried out today

These are the steps that the client wants to automate

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Automation goals

This is why the client want to automate their process


This is the clients' expected timeframe for the solution to be installed

  • I want to improve product quality and uniformity
  • I want to improve working environment
  • I want to increase capacity
  • I want to increase productivity
  • I want to reduce the number of employees working on this process

Further explanation:

We are having difficulty finding labor to complete this task (externally, or from other operators internally). We'd like to find a solution that will free up operators to work on other things during the robotic weld process, and reduce the wear and tear on our employees. This solution will drive more productivity and allow us to increase capacity as well.

I need the automation solution to be installed: Within a year

Further explanation:

We are looking to explore options for this solution for Q1 2024, as I don't have the capital expenditure approvals to move forward with a solution in 2023.

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