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Ask up to 20 suppliers how they can automate your process.

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Why do market research?

Discover new solutions

Ask several suppliers for solutions and discover new and better ways of automating.

Find the right suppliers

By using a structured, digital format, you can easily compare answers from suppliers and find the best fit for your needs.

Save time on research

No need to spend days searching for suppliers. We automatically match you with relevant companies from our directory of 9000+ suppliers.

When to do market research?

Use our Market Research tool when you:

 Want to find new solutions from different suppliers to automate a manual process in your company

 Want to check if automation is possible using standard solutions

 Don’t know which suppliers to ask (we will help you find the right ones from our Directory of 9000+ suppliers).

 Need a structured way of asking suppliers for help – without providing detailed specifications

You will get answers from up to 20 suppliers on how they can automate your process, and what solutions they can provide. You will not get final proposals including prices – but you can start the first supplier discussions leading up to a bidding contest.


How does it work?

1. Describe the task to be automated

Provide basic information about the process you want to automate.

2. Select suppliers

Tell us about your requirements for suppliers, and we will match you with up to 20 of them.

3. Describe & send your request

Let us know in detail what you’re looking for, and what you want to achieve from a solution.

4. Get answers from suppliers

If suppliers believe they can help you, they will send you their answer. Download a report for each one.


What does it cost?

To do Market Research, you need to create a user profile and a company profile.

Each new market request after that costs €200.
(asking up to 20 suppliers for answers).


Start Market Research


This service is made by independent advisors

The Market Research tool is developed by independent advisors to help improve the success rate of automation projects. The methodology is used internationally by manufacturers to make strategic decisions on automation.



The Market Research tool requires detailed information about your production processes to provide an accurate result. Without correct input, results may vary.

#HowToRobot is only responsible for brokering the connection between you and a selected group of suppliers. We cannot guarantee any specific number of answers from suppliers.