Calculate your robot budget

Do you know how much you can save on automation?

Calculate your robot budget

Use the Investment Calculator to create an automation budget and check ROI on solutions.

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Why use our calculator?

Get an overview

Know the true cost of a process in your company, and estimate how much you can save by automating it.

Know your KPI’s

Calculate different automation scenarios, and set performance goals for suppliers, e.g. on operator reductions.

Calculate as a pro

Our calculator is easy to use and includes the most important key figures, so you don’t have to find them. You just provide the numbers.

When to use our calculator?

Companies use our Investment Calculator to:

  Estimate savings on operator hours, quality improvements and efficient use of materials.
  Check Return on Investment (ROI) for robot and automation solutions
  Calculate the true current cost of a process, including other employee expenses
  Present a structured report to management for approval

How does it work?

1. Describe the process

Provide basic information about the process you want to automate.

2. Calculate current process cost

Find out what the current process cost is by providing your figures.

3. Estimate savings

Play with different automation scenarios and see how much you can save, for example on operators.

4. Download your report

Export a PDF report with all your results.

This service is made by independent advisors

The Investment Calculator is developed by independent advisors to help improve the success rate of automation projects. The methodology is used internationally by manufacturers to make strategic decisions on automation.

Disclaimer: The Investment Calculator requires detailed information about your production processes to provide an accurate result. Without correct input, results may vary.