Robot Investment Calculator

What can you achieve by automating?

Calculate savings and profits — and know your robot budget

As always, it is a good idea to calculate potential savings and benefits before investing in improvements.

This tool calculates your potential savings and profits from automation. It also calculates your robot budget — what you can maximally spend on a robot solution while keeping a positive business case.

When you have completed the calculation, you will have a quite precise idea of your current process costs, potential savings and profit, and the payback period of the robot solution.
You can then save the information and go to the Marketplace and find suppliers.

Use the tool to find your robot budget or check your savings on a specified solution

You can use the tool in two different scenarios:
- You already know the costs: You have already found a price from a vendor for a solution to automate the process. In this case, the calculator is used to check if the benefits outweigh the costs.

- You want to know your “robot budget”: You do not yet have an offer from a vendor, and need to use the tool to estimate how much you can save in various scenarios. In other words, you can quantify the benefits and see what parameters are needed to achieve them – before contacting vendors.

Before you start to calculate…

The calculations are based on the processes and automation roadmaps you have created in the Robot Potential Finder tool.
If you have not mapped one or more processes already, please visit the Robot Potential Finder page to do so. Visit Robot Potential Finder


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Why use the Robot Investment Calculator?

The Robot Investment Calculator helps you make a better and smarter investment. Built by independent automation advisors, it draws on years of experience with robot projects and helps you ask the right questions before investing in automation technology.

Disclaimer: The Robot Investment Calculator requires detailed information about your processes to provide an accurate result. Without correct input, results may vary.