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Plan your automation projects for success. Discover processes with automation potential, and create a plan for your automation projects

Overview of processes to be automated in your company

There can be many processes in your company with a potential for automation. To make a decision for where to start, you need an overview of all the possibilities. Start by mapping out all relevant processes in your company with this tool.


Plan your automation projects for high impact and low risk

Once you have an overview of the processes, you can start prioritizing them.
This tool helps you estimate the potential for increasing productivity, enhance quality in production,
improving work environment, etc. for each process. The plan helps you choose projects with high impact and low risk.


Plan your automation projects for high impact and low risk

  1. Create an Automation Roadmap

    A roadmap is a complete plan for a specific part of your production of your choice. You can either make a simple roadmap for a single production line or a more comprehensive one for an entire factory.

  2. Describe processes

    A process is a task in your production that you consider automating. You’ll need to describe the process type, how the process is carried out today and add photo/video documentation. You can add several processes into one roadmap.

  3. Estimate Automation Impact

    For each process, you will be asked a series of questions to determine how automation may increase productivity, enhance quality and improve work environment. The result is an “impact score” for each process.

  4. Estimate Automation Index

    To estimate the risk of automating each process, you may choose from a series of options on the “Automation Index” scale. You may request expert help for this task.

  5. Export PDF report

    The report is a complete overview of all the processes included in an Automation Roadmap. In the report you will get: Description of each process, Impact score, Risk score and Recommendations f or where to start automating


Before you start...

What do I need to start?
- Videos and/or photos of each process you want to map
- Knowledge about how each process is carried out

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Built by independent advisors

The Robot Potential Finder is developed by independent advisors to help improve the success rate of automation projects. The methodology is used internationally by manufacturers to make strategic decisions on automation.


Disclaimer: The Robot Potential Finder requires detailed information about your production processes to provide an accurate result. Without correct input, results may vary.