TW Automation

United States, Lenexa , Kansas
0-9 employees
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TW Automation is currently celebrating 23 years as a robotics automation systems solutions provider and integrator. Over all those years TW Automation developed a tremendous amount of in-depth robotic welding knowledge. The company has developed turn key solutions for simple weld cells as well as more complex projects that required overhead gantries, floor travelers, sky hooks and 5-axis positioners. More recently TW Automation has participated in the rapid growth of industrial robots in other applications that include material handling, machine tending, plasma cutting, assembly, water jet cutting and palletizing. Today, TW Automation is an innovative turn key solutions provider for a broad spectrum of cost effective factory automation systems. Much has changed in industry over the past 23 years, but our focus remains constant: TW Automation will go the required distance for each client, every time. TW Automation will be there every step of the project timeline, from conceptual development, to project management, through the production phase, to testing and run off, to installation, training and ongoing service support throughout the useful life of the system.

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8190 Nieman Road
Lenexa, KS 66214
United States


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Company competencies

Product groups

Robots, industrial

Robots, industrial, portal

Robots, industrial, arc welding

Robots, industrial, laser cutting

Welding services, robotic, tungsten inert gas (TIG)

Placement equipment, programmed, mechanical handling, robotic

Robots, assembly line: industrial and commercial

Robots, molding and forming plastics

Assembly machines, including robotic

Robots for drilling, cutting, grinding, polishing, etc.

Robots for Metal forming: pressing, extruding, etc.

Robots, industrial, electronic

Robots, industrial, welding

Robots, feeding and stacking

Mixing equipment and robots, domestic

Robots, industrial, spray finishing

Robots, industrial, pneumatic

Electronic component manufacturing services, robotics, automation

Robots, palletising and/or order picking

Welding services, metal, robotic

Robots, industrial

Robots, assembly line

Robots, industrial, resistance, spot welding

Robots, handling, for plastics processing

Robots, industrial, packaging

Robotic assembly systems consultants

Design services, robotics

Industrial robotics engineering consultants

Laser cutting and welding robotics consultants

Robot applications consultants

Software, industrial automation and robotics

Robots, software selection and application

Robot solution types


Packing & Palletizing

Printing & Labelling



Material Addition

Handling & Picking

Material Removing

Machine Tending

Inspection & QA



Target industries

Agriculture & Forestry


Paper & Pulp

Aerospace & Defense




Electronics & Technology

Food & Beverage

Metal & Machinery

Pharma & Chemistry



Rubber & Plastic


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Company addresses

Head office

8190 Nieman Road
66214 Lenexa
United States

Local office

8190 Nieman Road
66214 Lenexa
United States

Contact persons

Jason Luzar

Managing Partner +119133039700, x107

Joe Magathan

Robotic Solutions Engineer +1+9133039700