United States, Boise , Idaho
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Company description

VersaBuilt Robotics is a manufacturer of CNC machine tending systems and accessories.. VersaBuilt's Mill and Lathe Automation Systems, MultiGrip Workholding and other CNC tending products specifically focus on high mix manufacturing applications where automation has not been viable in the past. VersaBuilt system products do not require any robot or software expertise. Use the knowledge of your parts and quickly deploy a flexible solution that is capable of processing all your machined parts. The impact on your employee satisfaction and the bottom line is compelling.

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12000 W Franklin rd
Boise, ID 83709
United States



Universal Robots

Company competencies

Product groups

Spinning services, metal, precision, robotic

Industrial robot components, automated equipment accessories

Components, electrical, for robots

Manipulators, robotic

Transfer mechanisms for robotic applications

Tool holders for robots or automatic machine tools

Work holders for robots or automatic machine tools

Arms, robot

Mechanical component manufacturing services, robotics, automation

Tool changers, robotics

Robots, industrial

Robots for drilling, cutting, grinding, polishing, etc.

Software, industrial automation and robotics

Robot solution types


Handling & Picking

Machine Tending

Material Removing

Target industries

Aerospace & Defense




Metal & Machinery


Rubber & Plastic

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Robot catalogue

MultiGrip Gripper

The MultiGrip Gripper is a pneumatic, long-travel gripper incorporating the MultiGrip Jaw interface. The MultiGrip Gripper works with the…

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DuoGrip Gripper

The VersaBuilt DuoGrip Gripper is optimized for CNC lathe applications. The DuoGrip Gripper can quickly be configured to pick pipes or…

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Mill Automation System

The Mill Automation System mitigates operator labor shortages by increasing the productivity of your existing staff. Custom automation…

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Lathe Automation System

The Lathe Automation System mitigates operator labor shortages by increasing the productivity of your existing staff. Custom automation…

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MultiGrip Vise

The MultiGrip Vise was designed from the ground up by CNC automation engineers with a total of more than 50 years of combined experience.…

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Robot2CNC Basic Edition

Robot2CNC is a small industrial computer that sits inside your CNC’s control cabinet and provides an ethernet control interface for any…

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Robot2CNC Mill Edition

A CNC mill automation system requires robot to CNC integration, vise control, an automatic door, blow-off, and perhaps a gripper. You can…

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The VersaDoor is a simple, reliable, and cost-effective CNC door opener. The VersaDoor comes with universal mounting brackets that allow it…

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The VersaCart 1300 is sized to provide a generous infeed area yet is compact enough to fit in even the most crowded CNC spaces. The…

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VersaBuilt’s VersaWash is an optional upgrade for the VersaCart, Mill Automation System, and Lathe Automation System that improves…

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The VersaBlast In-CNC Part and Jaw Cleaning System uses an air amplifier to generate a powerful blast of air from your shop air supply to…

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Door Opertator Panel

The VersaBuilt Door Operator Panel provides an alternative to the repetitive stress of opening and closing CNC doors by hand. The Door…

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Company addresses

Head office

12000 W Franklin rd
83709 Boise
United States

Contact persons

Brian Havey

Director of Sales +1208-906-0814

“Logic Inc. is a high-tech distributor of industrial hardware and software products. We use the Versabuilt Robot2CNC and VersaDoor. These products really helped me reduce the lead time on a fully built cell. Working with the systems is easy, and the instructions are great. It makes integration less daunting. I went into projects not knowing much about wiring, and being able to connect to my CNC and Robot via IP addresses and the VersaBuilt software made it a great experience. I am already telling manufacturers looking to implement automation at their factories about VersaBuilt”

Tripp Hudson