The Automation Journey

To get the best possible results from automation in your company,
follow our step-by-step approach.


Your way to make profitable automation investments

Add process

Automation index

Automation impact


Market request

Describe the process(es) you consider automating

Start your journey by creating an overview of potential automation projects in your business. Describe each task that you consider automating and want to analyze further.

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Prioritize projects by impact and risk

Use our questionnaire to rate the potential benefits and risks of automating each process. This helps you prioritize which projects to focus on. The Automation Index rates the risk – Automation Impact rates the benefits.

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Calculate financial gains of automating

Discover your estimated gains before automating. Our calculator gives you a true picture of your current process costs and expected savings after automating. Use this to determine the ROI (Return on Investment).

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Get automation proposals from suppliers

 Increase your options by sending out a market request to suppliers in the network. Receive comparable proposals for automation solutions – 100% risk-free with no obligation to buy.

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Why use the Automation Journey?

Get an overview

Map out possible automation projects and rank them according to how valuable they are for your business.

Spend your money wisely

The Automation Journey helps you find out where automation is most likely to succeed – before you invest in a solution

Get management approval

Create a structured automation overview that is easy for decision makers to understand.


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Need help to get started with automation?​

Our robot experts are happy to guide you through the entire journey or support you on an individual phase basis as needed.

A prioritized list of the tasks most suitable for automation

Calculation of the business potential for automation

Requirement specification for a solution

Request for Information sent out to vendors

Comparable offers from the vendors