What makes a great automation project?

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What makes a great automation project?

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Why are some automation projects more successful than others? Ryan Shook, Commercial Development Manager at HowToRobot, tells you what three factors typically characterize a great project and what to consider as you get started.

Are you looking to automate parts of your production, but not sure what’s available on the market, what the going rate is – or, essentially, what makes a good automation project?

At HowToRobot, we typically see some fundamental factors impacting project outcomes. By ensuring that these are included in the planning, businesses tend to experience a smoother and more structured process, competitive pricing, and a more effective implementation.

Ryan Shook, Commercial Development Manager at HowToRobot, has solid experience in automation and talks to end-users on a daily basis  many of them looking for the recipe for a good automation project. In this video, Ryan walks you through the key factors of a good project and explains why they make a difference.



Summarized, the factors to remember are:

1. Defining your timelines

Set clear and realistic timelines: Decide when you need to meet with integrators, when you want to receive quotes – and, above all, when you need the solution to be operational.

2. Describing your need

Describe why you decided to automate and what you expect to gain: Whether your goal is a reduction in labor, capacity increases, or cost savings from transferring resources, this should be clearly defined beforehand.

3. Understanding your process

Understand your process: Make sure you can describe, step-by-step, what actions are involved and where automation needs to play a role.

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