Automation market HowToRobot is Named a Top Finalist for the 21st Annual Chicago Innovation Awards

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Automation market HowToRobot is Named a Top Finalist for the 21st Annual Chicago Innovation Awards

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Chicago, IL— Out of 365 nominees, global automation marketplace has been selected as one of the Top 100 Finalists still in the running for the 21st annual Chicago Innovation Awards.


HowToRobot provides the first global platform connecting American businesses with suppliers solving their needs for automation in the workplace. It connects buyers with suppliers online, giving fast access to the right automation solution to help fix the labor crisis.  

“Manufacturing businesses are struggling with labor shortages and attracting new generations to the industry – they need automation to stay in the game,” said Søren Peters, CEO of HowToRobot. “Our matchmaking platform breaks down the barriers to automation by providing businesses with easy and quick access to automation options tailored to their needs.”

HowToRobot opened its US headquarter in Chicago earlier in the year with Hon. Andrew Weber, Barack Obama’s former assistant secretary of defense, joining as board advisor. The company’s mission is to make automation broadly available for businesses of all sizes. Covering over 16,000 suppliers of robots and automation, the platform is now the largest of its kind.

“Especially smaller enterprises have been struggling with automation. We want to make the robotic market more open and transparent for both buyers and sellers – regardless of how big they are,” said Søren Peters. “Chicago, with its surrounding industry and openness to innovation, is the perfect hub for driving this movement.”

“Chicago continues to rise as a global hub of innovation due to the breadth of organizations in our region that introduce a stream of new products and services into the market each year,” said Tom Kuczmarski, co-founder of the Chicago Innovation Awards.  “This year’s nominees generated a combined total of $6.2 billion in revenues through their new products and services alone.”

HowToRobot is also in the running for the annual “People’s Choice Award,” selected through online balloting at

Out of the Top 100 Finalists, the judges will select 20 winners of the Chicago Innovation Awards on November 16th at Morgan Manufacturing. Over 400 business and civic leaders will come together to honor the winners when they are announced. The winners will be invited to ring the Nasdaq Bell in New York City, invited to separate meetings with the Mayor, Governor, and Cook County President, and receive widespread media recognition.



HowToRobot: Elías Lundström, Corporate Communication & Public Affairs



Chicago Innovation:  Luke Tanen