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Car factory robots and A3 unveil Canadian robot supplier study

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A new market study on Canada's robot and automation suppliers is released by global automation marketplace in collaboration with the Association for Advancing Automation (A3).

The study brings to light new insights on the current state of Canada's automation industry, offering a comprehensive look at the country's robot and automation suppliers.

”Our research shows a Canadian robot and automation industry mainly driven by integrators serving the manufacturing sector, including the metal, machinery, and automotive industries and a range of other fields,” said Søren Peters, CEO of “The study enables us to better understand the diversity of the automation industry and both new and existing applications for robotics in Canada.”

While most of the automation industry in Canada is tied to the manufacturing sector, the study does reveal other sectors of increasing importance, including Healthcare and Energy. 20% of the robot and automation industry serves the Healthcare sector, and 19% targets the Energy sector.

”Canada has a strong integration community for robotics, and a growing interest from a diverse range of industries into how they can apply robotics in their operations,” said Alex Shikany, Vice President of A3. “The study provides a broad overview of the automation industry and its many suppliers.”

Highlights from the report

The newly released report is based on original research into robot and automation businesses in Canada conducted by Some of the key findings include:

  • The study identified a total of 249 robot and automation suppliers located in Canada. This includes 142 integrators who act as the sector's backbone, integrating automation solutions to meet end-users' needs. Alongside these are 49 sub-component suppliers providing essential system building blocks and 33 robot manufacturers offering core technologies. Additionally, the study identified 16 advisors and 9 distributors supplying systems and components to the industry.
  • Geographically, Central Canada (Ontario and Quebec), houses 81% of the robot and automation supplier offices. These two provinces accounted for nearly 69% of the Canadian manufacturing industry's revenue in 2021, illustrating a strong link between the robot and automation industry and the manufacturing sector.
  • The application areas targeted by most robot and automation suppliers include handling & picking (130 suppliers), inspection & quality control (90 suppliers), and packing & palletizing (89 suppliers).
  • The industries served by most robot and automation suppliers are the robotics industry itself (141 suppliers), metal & machinery manufacturing (108 suppliers), and the automotive industry (89 suppliers).
  • The robot brands used by most suppliers include Fanuc (64 suppliers), ABB (44 suppliers), and KUKA (39 suppliers).

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