Danish companies looking for robots before Christmas

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Danish companies looking for robots before Christmas

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A larger number of Danish manufacturers are looking for new robot solutions through HowToRobot.com to automate their businesses. “The demand is increasing and provides a great opportunity for the robot companies,” says CEO of HowToRobot, Søren Peters.

It’s not just robot toys for kids that are on the wish list before the Christmas holidays.

A growing number of Danish manufacturers have started looking for robot solutions through HowToRobot.com. Every week, around 5 companies in Denmark alone make a new request on the platform sent out to robot and automation suppliers.

“We’ve seen an enormous interest from local businesses in finding new and smart ways of automating,” says Søren Peters.

The companies send out market requests on HowToRobot.com that are matched with relevant suppliers, such as system integrators. These suppliers can answer customers with a solution to their task – often using robot technology.

“It’s going so fast that we actually have a hard time finding enough suppliers to meet the demand. We would like to encourage more robot companies to get in touch to help the customers,” says Søren Peters.

An untapped opportunity for robotic companies

When a company wants to automate a task, they use HowToRobot to plan their project and find relevant suppliers.

“For many smaller and mid-sized businesses, it can be challenging to navigate the world of robots,” says Søren Peters.

“They have started using our platform because we give them a structured, step-by-step program to plan their robot projects for success.”

Customers map out their production using HowToRobot to discover their automation potential, calculate their robot budget, and send out requests to suppliers. The requested solutions are anything from sanding robots, over polishing and welding robots to machine tending solutions.

Matching suppliers that are approved on the platform can then answer the customer with a relevant solution.

“When customers have planned their projects properly and know what the market can offer them, the success rate of the projects increase – this is good for both the buyers and sellers,” concludes Søren Peters.

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