Robots expand their reach beyond factories in the US, reveals new study

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Robots expand their reach beyond factories in the US, reveals new study

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PRESS RELEASE: A significant number of suppliers are providing automation technologies to diverse sectors beyond traditional manufacturing, a new market study shows.

A comprehensive market study conducted by HowToRobot in collaboration with the Association for Advancing Automation (A3) reveals a trend of diversification in the US robotics and automation industry. The study shows that beyond traditional manufacturing, a substantial number of suppliers in the US are now catering to diverse sectors like logistics, healthcare, energy, aerospace & defense, construction, and agriculture.

"The findings of this study confirm a market trend that robots and automation are expanding their reach beyond factories and are set to transform a range of new industries,” said Søren Peters, CEO of

Robots Beyond Manufacturing

The research, published today, offers a snapshot of the current US market for robotic and automation suppliers. It brings to light not only the variety of sectors these technologies are reaching but also the diversity in the types of solutions being offered.

Examples of new applications include robots for mapping construction sites, robots that can identify weeds and apply targeted doses of herbicides, strawberry picking robots, crop monitoring robots, and many others. Despite limited data about robot adoption in these areas, the presence of suppliers for new and increasingly diverse solutions indicates an expanding reach of automation technologies.

"This report provides an essential snapshot of the present-day robotics supplier landscape. It's a compelling revelation about the diverse industries potentially influenced by robotics in the years to come,” said Alex Shikany, Vice President of the Association for Advancing Automation (A3).

Robots in Manufacturing Remain Strong

Despite the increasing diversification, manufacturing remains the primary sector driving robotics sales in the US 2022 marked a record year for robot sales in North America with a total of 44,196 units ordered, an 11% increase over 2021 – the previous record according to A3. The automotive industry alone accounted for more than 50% of total orders.

About the Market Report

This research is part of the report "2023 Market Study of Robot and Automation Companies in the US” by HowToRobot in collaboration with A3. It contains data on 1,658 robot and automation companies, including manufacturers, integrators, sub-component suppliers, distributors, and advisors. It presents detailed statistics on suppliers, including solution types, target industries, robot brands, and more.

Read more to download a free preview of the report or acquire the full version.

Industries served by robot and automation suppliers in the US 2023
A range of industries outside of manufacturing is being targeted by robot and automation suppliers in the US including Healthcare, Energy, Aerospace & Defense, Construction, and Agriculture & Forestry.

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About the Association for Advancing Automation (A3)

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