Industry association supports robot transition of manufacturers through

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Industry association supports robot transition of manufacturers through

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Growing demand make industry associations look for new ways to support manufacturers. From 2021, the Confederation of Danish Industry will use’s digital platform to help more companies plan and execute automation projects successfully.

For most manufacturers, finding the way through Automation, Robots, and Industry 4.0 is a difficult and troublesome task with many opportunities and pitfalls.

Throughout the world, industry associations are looking for new and scalable ways to help their member companies navigate these opportunities. Most of the help offered by associations today is limited by a lack of experts and an increasing demand – not least because of Covid-19.

The Confederation of Danish Industry has taken a new approach to the challenge by using’s digital platform to support their members in automation projects. Manufacturers use the platform to learn how to navigate automation projects and find the most feasible way to adopt new robot technologies. By offering an online course based on the platform, the association can reach a larger share of the Danish manufacturers across the country in need of support.

“We want to support our members when they take on automation processes. Our collaboration with is one of the ways, we can help Danish businesses explore and implement new robot technologies,” says Pernille Erichsen, Head of Management and Business Development at Confederation of Danish Industry.

Each company is guided through its automation journey directly on the platform with remote support from advisors.

“This allows us to scale our efforts of supporting our members, so we can reach even more businesses,” says Pernille Erichsen.  

New insights into companies’ challenges

The platform shines a light on some of the challenges facing manufacturers when dealing with automation and robots.

“Many companies struggle with implementing new robot technologies and finding the right approach for their business, says CEO of, Søren Peters.

The platform, he adds, provides a structured approach to automation making it easier to make the right decisions about new technologies.

“Companies use it to map out their production and find the most promising automation projects, calculate how much to invest, and ask the market for the right solutions,” says Peters.

The platform also tracks the progress of each company doing automation and provides valuable insights for the industry association.

”The insights are useful to the business as well as us. When our advisors can follow how each company is doing, we are better able to support them in their process,” says Pernille Erichsen.  

About Confederation of Danish Industry

  • Private business and employers’ organization representing approximately 18,000 companies in Denmark.
  • Provides advisory services, events, courses, networks & more to its members.
  • Member companies will from 2021 kickstart their automation journey through an online course based on’s platform.


  • The world’s first digital robot hub – helping companies plan and execute robot projects successfully & connect them with the right suppliers.
  • Used by manufacturers and other companies investing in automation. The platform offers a structured online program allowing companies to discover their automation potential, calculate how much to invest in robotics, and ask suppliers for relevant solutions.
  • Industry associations use as a scalable solution to support their member companies in getting a competitive advantage from robots and automation.