New Digital Hub Offers Global Robot Matchmaking

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New Digital Hub Offers Global Robot Matchmaking

New Digital Hub Offers Global Robot Matchmaking

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The world’s first independent, global robot hub #HowToRobot now sees the light of day. The matchmaking hub is dedicated to creating transparency in the robot industry and help manufacturers find robot suppliers and get better returns from their robot projects.

March 2, 2020 – Every day, factory workers perform tasks that robots could just as well do. Often, however, companies give up on automating them – or don’t get the expected results.

Now, the world’s first digital robot hub helps speed up this transition. Just launched in 2020, #HowToRobot enables robot buyers and sellers to find each other through a digital marketplace for industrial robots. The robot hub addresses some of the major challenges for manufacturers, according to CEO Søren Peters:

“Manufacturers globally are under pressure to increase productivity, improve working conditions, and even make up for labor shortages and rising wages in some places. Many of these companies are now betting on robots to improve the situation but are unsure how to pick solutions with a good return on investment,” says Søren Peters, CEO at #HowToRobot.

Help to find the right robot in a vast market 

The global robot hub #HowToRobot comes at a time when there are more robots and suppliers on the market than ever before. In 2018, 422.000 industrial robots were installed worldwide, and the International Federation of Robotics expects this to grow by 12 % per year in the next two years. But without any overview of the market, manufacturers must often grope in the dark for a solution, according to CEO Søren Peters:

“The robot market is hard to navigate. With no overview to compare suppliers and solutions, how can you be sure to pick the right robot at the right price? It’s a bit like the IT industry in the old days. Too many manufacturers end up with failed investments because they picked the wrong robot, forgot to make a service agreement with the supplier, or simply paid too much. We aim to change that,” says Søren Peters, CEO at #HowToRobot.

More competition empowers robot buyers

#HowToRobot increases competition in the robot market by giving buyers the option of posting automation projects and have several suppliers make a bid. A new situation for many:

“A lot of manufacturers end up with suboptimal robot deals because of a lack of competition. By making a tender instead, they can compare offers and pick the best one,” says Søren Peters, CEO at #HowToRobot.

The digital robot hub #HowToRobot covers the whole automation journey for manufacturers: All the way from planning to purchasing a robot solution. Planning and investment calculator tools help them select the right projects and test whether the investments will pay off. The marketplace allows manufacturers to discover relevant robots and suppliers, post tenders, and sell their used robots. More than 9000 robot suppliers are already added to the new digital robot hub #HowToRobot for a better global market overview - as a first step in helping more manufacturers succeed with robots.

About #HowToRobot

The world’s first independent, digital robot hub #HowToRobot connects the world of robots. The global, digital hub for industrial robots offers matchmaking between buyers and sellers. The hub lets robot sellers publish their used or new solutions, and robot buyers request offers from suppliers in a digital marketplace.

#HowToRobot also helps manufacturers make better robot investments with decision-making tools and insights from robot experts. The company is founded by people from the leading robot advisory group Gain & Co – independently of robot suppliers.


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