Why leasing?

Leasing can make automation a safer and more affordable investment.

By financing equipment and automated solutions with one simple, predictable monthly
we can help you modernize your business without the costly up-front CapEx

With leasing, you only start paying after the solution has been delivered and installed.
This makes leasing a safe way of financing automation. Leasing covers not only the
robot but also included components and services such as integration.

No matter the type of robot and supplier you’re looking to buy from, you can apply for a
leasing offer (only available in the US at the moment).

Calculate cost
Robot leasing - Howtorobot graphic Robot leasing - Howtorobot graphic

Upfront cost:

Big out-of-pocket expense
Needs CapEx approval
Payment before delivery

$2,579 / mth *

Predictable monthly payment
Can go through OpEx budget
Payment after delivery

Calculate your monthly cost

Get an indication of your monthly leasing cost by using the calculator below. The amount financed should include equipment and related services such as integration costs, etc.

36 months

60 months

Your monthly payment:

$2,579 / month

*Monthly payment pricing is for budgetary purposes only. Final pricing will be calculated based on final solution and equipment breakdown and is subject to final credit approval. Payment pricing has been calculated using an interest rate tied to the current yield of a comparable term Interest Rate Swap and is subject to change in the event such Rate Swap yields increase or decrease. Monthly payment pricing is for a Fair Market Value Lease. Please contact us for other

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Get a leasing deal on any kind of robot solution


Covers equipment, integration costs etc.


Pay a flat, monthly rate – for the period you need the equipment

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Leasing provider:

Leasing provider - River Capital Finance


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How leasing works - HowToRobot

How it works


Fill in the online Credit Application with our leasing provider


Leasing provider conducts a credit approval review


Execute the documents sent via DocuSign and a purchase order will be issued to the supplier


You accept the solution from the supplier


The supplier is paid

Benefits of robot leasing


Faster return on investment

Leasing allows you to pay for your robot at small, monthly rates instead of a large up-front investment. This means you will reduce costs from the get-go and do not have to wait years to see a return on your investment. Leasing a robot could save you money already from the first month – depending on the number of operators (FTE’s) and shifts it covers.


Speed up investment time through OpEx budget

With leasing, your robot can be considered an operational expense rather than a CapEx investment. This removes the need for lengthy and complicated approval processes and gets you started with automation right away.


Pay for what you get – when you get it

A robot solution can be a big investment. With leasing, you do not incur any up-front expenses to the vendor – you start paying the moment you have the solution up and running at your factory. This means less risk for you as a buyer.

Want to know what a robot costs?

On HowToRobot, you can get offers – including price ranges – from suppliers on robot solutions. Just describe what you need and start receiving offers – free of charge.

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