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Surgical robots

14. Aug 2023

Robot Safety

The next generation of healthcare: The potential of surgical robots

Though once considered science fiction, surgical robots are today's reality. Learn how they are positively impacting operating rooms and transforming healthcare.
The Australian robotics industry is specialized in field robots

10. Aug 2023

Robot Business

Robotics in Australia: From “immature” to national priority

Australia is about to get its first national robotics strategy, recognizing the industry’s growing importance. However, according to the national robotics industry association, Robotics Australia Group, some industry challenges remain to be solved.
Packaging robot

20. Jul 2023

Robot Tech

Crop packaging robots: Benefits and limitations of automated packaging systems

Dive into the world of industrial crop packaging robots and get an overview of their functionality, applications, types, advantages, and limitations.
Weeding Robots in Agriculture

17. Jul 2023

Robot Tech

Weeding robots: redefining sustainability in agriculture

Weeding robots are reshaping farmers’ approach to weed control by providing a necessary blend of efficiency, precision, and environmental responsibility.
Robots China

14. Jul 2023

Robot Business

What the UK can learn from China about robot adoption

There are concerns the UK is falling behind in the use of robotics, and could benefit from looking at China’s approach, suggests EY partner Matthew Burton.
Industrial robot installation

13. Jul 2023

Robot Business

How to find automation solutions with help from MTC and HowToRobot

Manufacturers in the UK can get independent assistance with finding automation solutions to the labour shortages from HowToRobot and the Manufacturing Technology Centre (MTC).
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