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MIG Welding Robots

26. Oct 2022

Robot Tech

MIG Welding Robots: Amplifying Your Factory’s Output

MIG welding robots provide substantial productivity gains for modern manufacturers. Understanding these systems and knowing what is available will enable you to take advantage.
Welding robot

26. Oct 2022

Robot Business

New report: Robots are taking on the most difficult jobs in Finland

The Finnish robot industry is succeeding at automating niche tasks that are considered very difficult, according to the 2022 robot market report from automation market HowToRobot.com, independent advisors Gain & Co and the Robotics Society in Finland.
A robotic arm performs a deburring operation on a metal workpiece in a factory environment.

19. Oct 2022

Robot Tech

Deburring Robots: More Accessible Than Ever

Labor shortages are accelerating the pace of robotic automation. Robot deburring solutions deliver more consistent results and shorter cycle times than manual methods.
Robot Market Report 2022 Norway

12. Oct 2022

Robot Business

Robot adoption expected to pick up speed in Norway

There is a significant potential for robotization in Norway according to a 2022 robot market report from automation market HowToRobot.com, independent advisors Gain & Co and the Norwegian Society of Electric and Automatic Control (NFEA).
Modular laboratory automation with test tubes

04. Oct 2022

Robot Tech

A Guide to Modular Laboratory Automation: How to Get Started

Laboratories are under pressure to increase throughput, reduce errors and improve reproducibility. Modular, robotic automation holds the key.
Innovation award

28. Sep 2022

Robot Business

Automation market HowToRobot is Named a Top Finalist for the 21st Annual Chicago Innovation Awards

Chicago, IL— Out of 365 nominees, global automation marketplace HowToRobot.com has been selected as one of the Top 100 Finalists still in the running for the 21st annual Chicago Innovation Awards.

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Market Report Norway

New Market Report

Suppliers in Norway

See the full list of robot & automation suppliers in Norway.
Use it to find suppliers for your next automation project –
or resellers for your robots. The report contains details on
171 robot and automation suppliers in Norway.

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Zoltan Palnik Organic Packhouse Manager, James Foskett Farms

"Our industry has a serious shortage of seasonal workers. I was not sure if robots and automation could be a solution – but getting help from HowToRobot and seeing actual proposals from vendors has completely changed my mind about what we can automate."

Zoltan Palnik
Organic Packhouse Manager, James Foskett Farms


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