Global Automation Marketplace Sets Foot in Spain

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Global Automation Marketplace Sets Foot in Spain

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PRESS RELEASE: New Barcelona office aims to boost the country’s manufacturing competitiveness by connecting Spanish manufacturers and automation suppliers in a rapidly growing industry., the global automation marketplace, is extending its footprint to Spain by opening a new office in Barcelona. With the expansion, HowToRobot aims to foster connections between local manufacturers seeking automation solutions and suppliers from Spain and beyond.

The move acknowledges Spain’s growing relevance in the global automation market and the increasing need for the Spanish manufacturing industry to automate, according to Søren Peters, CEO of, Spain observed a significant increase of 25% in industrial robot sales in 2022 as reported by AER Automation, the Spanish Association of Robotics and Automation.

"The global competition is driving an increasing number of manufacturers in Spain towards automation. Still, a major challenge is how to find and implement suitable solutions, which is what our marketplace helps solve,” Søren Peters says. offers a platform where manufacturers can specify their automation projects and suppliers can present matching solutions. This, Peters says, provides businesses with a clear understanding of their automation options and costs, which is key for wider adoption of automation in the industry.

The need for automation grows stronger

Boosting the level of automation in Spain has become critical, according to Alex Salvador, Managing Director of AER Automation. Businesses might lose out to the competition without it:

“It’s a matter of survival. Without automation and robotics to increase productivity, Spanish companies are at risk of losing their competitive edge, especially considering the increasing scarcity of labor for certain types of jobs,” Salvador highlights.

Spain is the world’s 14th largest robot market according to the International Federation of Robotics (IFR). Yet, a considerable number of Spanish companies, particularly smaller and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), have not yet automated and need support to get started, Salvador adds.

”Many businesses are still not aware of how much they could gain from automation, how far the technology has come today, and how ease of implementation has improved. Getting more public knowledge about this is essential,” he says.

The HowToRobot marketplace not only helps Spanish manufacturers discover suitable automation solutions and suppliers, but also aids Spanish automation businesses in expanding their reach both locally and internationally.

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Robotics in Spain by the numbers

  • Industrial robot sales in Spain increased by 24.7% and service robot sales increased by 25.8% in 2022 according to recently published data from AER Automation.
  • Spain ranks 19th globally by robot density with 167 robots per 10,000 workers in manufacturing in 2021 – above the world average of 141 robots – according to IFR.
  • Spain is home to 384 robot and automation companies and is among the world leaders within service robots, especially mobile robots, according to the 2022 market report from HowToRobot and AER Automation.


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